Who Manufactures STP Oil Filters?

Published: July 31, 2022
Last updated: August 2, 2022

A clean oil supply is essential to a car's engine, and an oil filter is one of the most important components. For most car owners, STP oil filters rank among the top choices for oil filters. As a result, many car enthusiasts and drivers are curious about who makes STP oil filters.

The engine parts must be lubricated and properly functioning with sufficient oil. However, your car's engine only requires clean, contamination-free oil. The purpose of oil filters is to remove dirt from the oil.

The purpose of oil filters is to remove dirt from the oil. There seems to be nothing quite like this feature offered by STP oil filters. Nevertheless, there are a few rumors about STP oil filter manufacturers. However, the information contained in this article would allow us to learn more about the company behind this outstanding oil filter.

STP Oil Filters History

Champions Laboratories, Inc., formerly Kleen Pak Manufacturing Company, manufactures STP oil filters. With more than thirty private customers, the company, founded in 1955, is one of the top suppliers of automotive filters.

The company made a huge leap in 1959 when they patented the engine-end relief valve that allowed them to manufacture spin-on oil filters. An industry breakthrough appears to have been made with this innovation. Various aftermarket brands are also available from Champions, including heavy-duty and lightweight fuel filters.

Please note that this company is behind several other renowned brands of oil filters, such as Mobil 1 and K&N. A high-quality assurance program implemented by Champion Laboratories has had great success.

Due to its excellent products and exceptional customer service, the company has earned several supplier awards. An STP oil filter is affordable for car owners to get good-quality filtration.

Regardless of the oil filter's effectiveness, motorists know that their engine performs better when it has one. As a result, it seems essential to choose a filter compatible with your car, and STP filters appear to be a good choice.

Who Makes STP Oil Filters

One of the top producers and distributors of equipment filters is Champions Laboratory, Inc. They manufacture STP oil filters. There are offices for the company in various countries worldwide, including Albion, Illinois, where its headquarters are located.

The United States headquarters of Champions Laboratories is located in Illinois, but it also has a manufacturing and distribution center in Michigan (Shelby Township). San Jose, Costa Rica, and Toronto, Canada, have operational distribution centers.

The company has produced and supplied top-quality filters worldwide since its inception. By 1970, Andy Granatelli and STP Corporation owned the company.

The company has achieved various goals throughout the past few years, including launching a training portal (Luber-Finer® University) for fleet managers. As part of the 2017 expansion, a new facility was opened in Shanghai, China.

Equipment filters are only produced using top-quality products that meet the needs of people everywhere. The oil filters in cars' engines need to be checked frequently. It is important to have oil filters that are of high quality.

That way, you don't have to worry about its functionality deteriorating. Hence, Champions Laboratories produces STP oil filters made of the most admirable materials.

With STP filters, you can achieve such efficiency because they are made of high-quality materials and are quite durable. With this oil filter, you can get a high-performance oil filter at an affordable price, making it a very appealing product.

STP offers a broad selection of filters for different types of vehicles, which is great news. This filter line is designed to meet the engine's needs and has several incredible innovations.

STP Oil Filters Pros and Cons

This can help you decide whether STP oil filters would work well for your car based on their pros and cons. Oil filters made by STP are described below, along with their pros and cons.


As an oil purifier, STP oil filters remove foreign particles from the motor oil before it enters the engine. It would be best if you always remembered that dirty oil in your engine could cause serious problems and reduce your car's performance.

The engine's shelf life would be improved if you had good oil filters, preventing potential damage. Many different types of cars can use this line of oil filters due to their unique designs.

One feature that makes this vehicle stand out is its top-quality construction, which means it can last up to 5,000 miles. Even the smallest contaminants are prevented from reaching the engine due to their affordable price.


Finding compatible STP oil filters for their vehicles is one of the problems car owners face when using STP oil filters. This line has different oil filter options available for various car models. If you didn't find an option that works with your vehicle, it would be of no use to you.

Unlike most popular oil filter options, there is no anti-drain (silicone) back valve on the STP oil valve. As a result, stopping oil from draining from the filter while the engine is off can seem pretty challenging.

However, this oil filter is not as bad as it seems due to its reasonable price. STP oil filters are made from quality materials and have long-lasting properties, so this loss is "offset" by their long-lasting abilities.


How good are STP oil filters?

STP filters effectively remove motor oil contaminants due to their excellent construction made from durable materials. They lack silicone anti-drain valves at the back, yet the filters seem to work well and allow a proper fluid flow.

An affordable price tag on this line of oil filters makes it appealing to most people. Therefore, you can get good quality at a reasonable price. There is not much difference between STP and Mobil 1 oil filters, and you can be assured that your engine will be free of dirt.

STP or FRAM oil filters: which is better?

Due to their longer lifespan, there is a strong preference for STP oil filters over FRAM oil filters among car enthusiasts. By separating contaminants from the oil, the FRAM oil filters ensure that only clean motor oil is delivered to the engine.

It should be noted, however, that FRAM oil filters are designed with extremely thin filtration media (similar to a paper towel). Due to its short lifespan, this filter won't be suitable if you often drive across off-road terrain. The reliability of STP oil filters, however, appears to be higher.

What is the manufacturing location of STP air filters?

Despite being manufactured in Mexico, STP air filters are distributed worldwide. A good air filter will hold a lot of dirt, preventing it from entering the vehicle's engine and causing problems.

The excellent protection offered by such filters will boost the engine's performance and fuel efficiency. Compared to their competitors, these filters offer the micro-pore feature, which is an advantage.

What is the price of the STP oil filter?

Oil filters from STP are pretty affordable, starting at $14. Nevertheless, the cost of your vehicle's specific filter will vary depending on which one you choose. Don't hesitate to contact the nearest auto store for an exact price for a suitable STP oil filter for your car.

The best way to avoid buying fake options that won't last long is to purchase these filters from reputable stores.

Final Thoughts

Many countries worldwide offer STP oil filters as a top choice. If you want to improve the efficiency of your car's engine, you can choose from various excellent options, such as the STP extended life oil filter S1006XL.

The manufacturer of STP oil filters is still a matter of mystery. Several other automotive filters are produced by Champion Laboratories, Inc., including STP oil filters. Private label equipment has been produced and supplied to other private companies since its inception.

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