Is There A Lyft Student Discount?

Published: December 19, 2023
Last updated: January 26, 2024

Lyft's collaboration with universities, like UChicago's and UFlorida's Ride Smart programs, offers tailored discounts and free rides for students within designated campus areas.[1]

University of Florida's program provides a 50% discount on rides from Wednesday to Sunday, between 9 PM to 3 AM.

Students can earn ride credits by referring new users to Lyft, offering a mutually beneficial way to save on transportation.[2]

Lyft provides cost-effective options like shared rides and business account discounts for budget-conscious users, including students.

The quest for affordable transportation is a common challenge for students, and Lyft, a popular ride-sharing service, offers various solutions through its Ride Smart programs and university-specific partnerships. What most people want to know is, “Is there a Lyft student discount?”

This blog explores what Lyft has to offer students.

Fast Facts

University of Chicago’s Lyft program offers 7 free rides per month, specifically during evening and late-night hours.

Is There A Lyft Student Discount?

No, Lyft does not offer a universal student discount. However, there are some ways students can get discounts on Lyft rides. Lyft offers various student discount programs at specific universities, although there isn't a universal student discount available to all students. Some of these programs include:

  • Lyft Ride Smart Program: This program is designed for college communities, offering free or discounted transportation within a university-designated service area. The program's availability and specifics vary from school to school​​.

  • University Of Chicago's Lyft Ride Smart: At UChicago, the program offers students 7 free rides per month (up to $10 off per ride) during the evening and late-night hours within the campus service area​​.[1]

  • University Of Florida's UF Safe Rides By Lyft: This program offers a 50% discount on Lyft Standard rides from Wednesday to Sunday between 9 PM – 3 AM for rides that begin and end within the service area​​.

  • University Of Central Florida's Lyft Program: This program has shifted to KnightConnect, where students can access the Lyft Pass – Safe Ride Program without the need to input monthly codes​​.

Fast Facts

The University of Central Florida's Lyft program is integrated with KnightConnect, streamlining access to the Safe Ride Program.

Additional Discounts And Promotions Offered By Lyft

Beyond university-specific programs, Lyft offers a variety of other ways for students to save. 

  • Lyft Referrals: This is a great way to earn free rides or credits. When you refer a friend who is new to Lyft, and they take their first ride, you'll both get a bonus.[2] The amount of the bonus varies, but it's typically around $5-$10. You can find your referral code in the "Rewards" tab of the Lyft app. 

  • Lyft Events: If you're attending an event, Lyft often offers a discounted code or fare for rides to and from the event. You can find event codes in the "Promotions" tab of the Lyft app or on the event's website or social media pages. 

  • Lyft Shared Rides: If you are okay sharing your ride with others, Lyft Shared is a great way to save money. Shared rides are typically 50-75% cheaper than a standard Lyft ride. You can find shared rides in the Lyft app by selecting the "Shared" option when you request a ride. 

  • Lyft Business: If you're a business owner, you can sign up for Lyft Business to get discounted rides for your employees. You can also use Lyft Business to track your employees' rides and set spending limits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we address some of the most common queries, providing clarity on how Lyft's programs function and what students can expect.

How does Lyft ensure safety in its Ride Smart Program?

Lyft emphasizes safety through various features: real-time GPS tracking, vehicle and driver verification, in-app emergency assistance, and partnerships with safety-focused organizations.

Can I access Lyft Ride Smart through the app?

Yes, eligible students can access the program via the Lyft app. For instance, Ohio State students can link their student email to the app for discounted rides.

What are the service areas for Lyft's university programs?

Each university program has specific geofenced areas. For example, Ohio State's program covers specific parts of Columbus. In contrast, UGA's program services rides to or from destinations within the greater Athens-Clarke County community, originating or ending within main campus areas.

Are Lyft's university program ride credits transferable?

Generally, credits are not transferable, but students can book a ride for themselves and one other person.

How does UCLA's Lyft partnership work?

UCLA's partnership includes various program options like Lyft Pass and Auto Pay, catering to different transportation needs like shuttle augmentation, late-night rides, and faculty business travel.

Understanding Lyft’s Policy For Student Discounts

Lyft does not offer a universal student discount but has implemented targeted initiatives at specific universities to aid students with their transportation needs. These programs, like the Lyft Ride Smart Program and university-specific partnerships such as those with the University of Chicago, the University of Florida, and the University of Central Florida, provide varied benefits ranging from free rides to significant discounts. Additionally, Lyft offers other ways to save, such as referrals, event codes, shared rides, and business discounts. This blog highlights the importance of exploring localized offers and programs to make the most of Lyft's services as a student.

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