Understanding The Impact Of DashPass For Students

Published: September 20, 2023
Last updated: February 29, 2024

As students navigate the busy world of lectures, study sessions, and extracurricular activities, finding time to cook or even grab a meal can be a challenge. This is where DashPass comes in, a subscription service by DoorDash that offers significant benefits for its users.

This comprehensive guide delves deep into the world of DashPass, unraveling its benefits, eligibility criteria, partnerships with popular restaurants, and much more.

What Is DashPass?

DashPass is a subscription service offered by DoorDash, one of the leading food delivery platforms. With this service, subscribers can enjoy unlimited deliveries from thousands of eligible restaurants without having to pay a delivery fee on orders over $12. This service is primarily available in the United States and Canada, although there are some areas where it might not be accessible.

The primary aim of DashPass is to provide frequent DoorDash users with a cost-effective way to order food. Instead of paying delivery fees for every order, subscribers pay a fixed monthly fee and can then enjoy the benefits of the service. This can be especially beneficial for those who find themselves ordering food multiple times a week.

Benefits Of DashpPass For Students

While the general benefits of DashPass are evident in terms of cost savings on delivery fees, the impact on students can be even more profound. Here are some of the benefits of DashPass for students:

  • Cost Savings: College students often operate on tight budgets. With textbooks, tuition, and other expenses, every dollar saved can make a difference. By subscribing to DashPass, students can save significantly on delivery fees, especially if they order food frequently.

  • Convenience: Many students have packed schedules with classes, assignments, extracurricular activities, and part-time jobs. DashPass offers the convenience of getting food delivered without the added stress of delivery fees. This can be a lifesaver during late-night study sessions or group projects.

  • Variety Of Food Options: With DashPass, students have access to a wide range of restaurants. This can be especially beneficial for those who want to explore different cuisines or have specific dietary requirements.

  • Promotions And Discounts: DoorDash often offers promotions and discounts exclusively for DashPass subscribers. Students can take advantage of these deals to enjoy their favorite meals at a reduced price.

  • Social Benefits: Ordering food can be a social activity. Whether it's watching a game, studying together, or just hanging out, having the option to order food without worrying about delivery fees can enhance the experience.

Delivery Fees

Delivery fees are one of the primary costs associated with ordering food online. These fees are charged by the delivery platform to cover the expenses related to getting your food from the restaurant to your doorstep. While they might seem minimal for a single order, they can quickly add up, especially for frequent users like students.

How Does DashpPass Help Students With Delivery Fees?

  • Flat Monthly Fee: Instead of paying a delivery fee for every order, DashPass subscribers pay a fixed monthly fee. This means that after a certain number of orders, any additional orders essentially come with "free" delivery, allowing students to save money in the long run.

  • Predictable Expenses: With a fixed monthly subscription fee, students can better budget their expenses. They won't be caught off guard by varying delivery fees, which can fluctuate based on distance, demand, and other factors.

  • Encourages Group Orders: Students often order food in groups, whether it's for a study session, movie night, or just hanging out. With DashPass, they can pool their orders without worrying about increasing delivery fees, making it more economical for everyone involved.

How To Save On Delivery Fees With DashpPass?

  • Subscribe And Save: The most straightforward way to save on delivery fees with DashPass is to subscribe. Once subscribed, any order over $12 from eligible restaurants will have its delivery fee waived.

  • Take Advantage Of Promotions: DoorDash frequently offers promotions and discounts for DashPass subscribers. By keeping an eye out for these deals, students can enjoy additional savings on top of the waived delivery fees.

  • Order From Eligible Restaurants: Not all restaurants on DoorDash are part of the DashPass program. To maximize savings, it's essential to order from those that are eligible. These restaurants are typically marked with a green checkmark on the DoorDash app or website.

  • Combine Orders: If you're ordering with friends or roommates, consider combining your orders. This way, you can easily meet the $12 minimum required for the delivery fee waiver and possibly qualify for additional discounts or promotions.

  • Stay Informed: DoorDash occasionally updates its DashPass program, adding new restaurants or changing the terms. By staying informed about these updates, students can ensure they're always getting the best deal.

How Do You Sign Up For DashPass Student Plan?

Signing up for the DashPass Student Plan is a straightforward process. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Mobile Users:

    • Open your DoorDash app.

    • Tap the account icon at the top left of the screen.

    • Tap "Get $0 delivery fees with DashPass."

    • Select “DashPass Student Plan.”

    • Fill out your personal information for the verification process then select “Verify Student Status.”

  2. Web Users:

    • Visit the DoorDash website and log in to your account.

    • Navigate to the DashPass section.

    • Look for the "DashPass Student Plan" option and select it.

    • Provide the necessary details for verification and proceed with the sign-up.

It's essential to note that while signing up, DoorDash will verify your student status. Ensure you have relevant documents or credentials handy.

Who Is Eligible For The DashPass For Students

The DashPass for Students membership is designed specifically for students to make their food ordering experience more affordable and convenient. Here's a breakdown of the eligibility criteria:

  • Enrollment Status: The plan is available for all undergraduate and graduate students who are currently enrolled in accredited colleges and universities. This includes institutions in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • Verification Process: To avail of the DashPass for Students membership, students need to pass a verification process. This typically involves providing valid student identification or other relevant documents that prove current enrollment in a higher education institution.

  • Special Partnerships: In some cases, DoorDash has partnered with educational technology companies, like Chegg, to offer free DashPass Student subscriptions to certain subscribers. If you're a subscriber to such services, you might be eligible for additional benefits.

Eligibility Requirements

Before diving into the enrollment process for the DashPass Student Plan, it's essential to understand the eligibility requirements. DoorDash has set specific criteria to ensure that the benefits of this plan reach the intended audience: students.

Necessary Documentation

  • Student Identification: A valid student ID from an accredited college or university is a primary requirement. This ID should have a clear photo, name, and the name of the educational institution.

  • Proof Of Current Enrollment: Apart from the student ID, you might need to provide a current class schedule, transcript, or enrollment verification document to prove that you're an active student.

  • Email Verification: Some institutions provide students with a unique email address (e.g., [email protected]). DoorDash might use this email for verification purposes.

How To Enroll In DashPass

  1. Mobile Enrollment:

    • Open the DoorDash app on your mobile device.

    • Tap on the account icon located at the top left corner of the screen.

    • Select the option "Get $0 delivery fees with DashPass."

    • From the available options, choose “DashPass Student Plan.”

    • Provide the necessary documentation and details for verification.

    • Once verified, you'll be enrolled in the DashPass Student Plan.

  2. Web Enrollment:

    • Visit the DoorDash website and log into your account.

    • Navigate to the DashPass section.

    • Look for the "DashPass Student Plan" option and click on it.

    • Follow the prompts, providing the required documentation and details for the verification process.

    • After successful verification, you'll be enrolled in the plan.

  3. Special Promotions: Occasionally, DoorDash might collaborate with educational institutions or other partners to offer promotional enrollment opportunities. Keep an eye out for such offers, as they might come with additional benefits or discounts.

Eligible Restaurants

One of the significant advantages of the DashPass for Students plan is the access to a wide range of restaurants. This not only provides students with a variety of food options but also offers them the opportunity to avail of special discounts and promotions exclusive to DashPass subscribers.

Popular Restaurants Offering Student Discounts Through DashPass

While DoorDash partners with thousands of restaurants, some popular chains and local favorites often provide special deals and discounts for DashPass subscribers, including students. Here are some of the notable ones:

  • National Chains: Many national restaurant chains collaborate with DoorDash to offer exclusive deals for DashPass subscribers. These can range from percentage discounts to buy-one-get-one-free offers.

  • Local Favorites: Apart from the national chains, many local restaurants also participate in the DashPass program. These establishments often provide unique deals to attract students and other DashPass subscribers.

  • Ethnic Cuisines: For students looking to explore different cuisines, DashPass offers access to a variety of ethnic restaurants. From Asian to Mediterranean, students can enjoy dishes from around the world at discounted rates.

  • Health-Conscious Options: With the rising trend of health-conscious eating, many restaurants that offer organic, vegan, or gluten-free options also provide special deals for DashPass subscribers.

  • Dessert And Beverage Outlets: It's not just about main courses. Many dessert parlors, ice cream shops, and beverage outlets also offer exclusive deals for DashPass subscribers, allowing students to satisfy their sweet tooth without spending a fortune.

It's essential to note that the availability of restaurants and the specific deals they offer can vary based on the location and other factors. Students are encouraged to regularly check the DoorDash app or website to stay updated on the latest offers and participating restaurants in their area.

Dorm Essentials And Grocery Items

While DoorDash is primarily known for its food delivery services, it has expanded its offerings to include essential items and groceries. This is especially beneficial for students who might need quick access to dorm essentials or grocery items without the hassle of leaving their campus or study space.

List Of Grocery Stores Offering Student Discounts Through DashPass

DoorDash has partnered with various grocery stores to provide students with the convenience of getting their essentials delivered right to their doorstep. Here are some of the notable grocery stores that offer special deals and discounts for DashPass subscribers, including students:

  • National Grocery Chains: Many national grocery chains have partnered with DoorDash to offer exclusive deals for DashPass subscribers. These chains often provide a wide range of products, from fresh produce to packaged goods.

  • Local Grocery Stores: In addition to the national chains, many local grocery stores also participate in the DashPass program. These stores often offer unique products that cater to the local community's preferences.

  • Specialty Stores: For students who have specific dietary needs or preferences, DoorDash has partnered with specialty stores that offer organic, vegan, gluten-free, and other niche products.

  • Convenience Stores: Apart from the traditional grocery stores, many convenience stores also offer special deals for DashPass subscribers. These stores are perfect for students who need to grab a quick snack or essential item on the go.

  • Ethnic Grocery Stores: With the diverse student population in many colleges and universities, DoorDash has also partnered with ethnic grocery stores. These stores offer products from various countries and cultures, allowing students to find ingredients and items that might not be available in mainstream grocery stores.

It's essential to note that the availability of grocery stores and the specific deals they offer can vary based on the location and other factors. Students are encouraged to regularly check the DoorDash app or website to stay updated on the latest offers and participating grocery stores in their area.

Get DoorDash's DashPass For Students

DoorDash's DashPass for Students offers convenience and affordability. From waiving delivery fees to providing exclusive deals at popular restaurants and grocery stores, it's a game-changer for the student community. As the world of food delivery continues to evolve, initiatives like DashPass ensure that students don't have to compromise on their meals or essentials, no matter how hectic their schedules get. Whether you're a student looking to save on your next meal or someone curious about the perks of this subscription, we hope this guide has shed light on the myriad benefits of DashPass for Students.

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